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If so, then you need to look no further than Soho Pizza!! We now have two great locations. Our phone number at Danbury is Our phone number at Newtown is Both locations are open 7 days a week from 11am to 10pm.

Families love our train delivered food

Our Menu is not huge and complicated because we like to keep it fresh and simple! We order the foods that we prepare for you on a daily basis. We are all about food quality and our affordable prices!

Codename Kids Next Door S02E09 Operation: R.E.P.O.R.T. & Operation: B.R.I.E.F.

In , we opened our Newtown location with the same founding principles. If you are not satisfied, we welcome suggestions for improvement. Please use the contact form to let us know. We will keep providing the best service possible for the Danbury and Newtown communities. We'll save your favorites so you can order with just a few clicks.

Jarrod Adams

It's fast and easy! Others had just recently placed their order. The manager on duty seemed just as lethargic and confused as his staff in the back. He kept telling people it would be another 15 mins. I was told the same thing and it took another 45 minutes. Some demanded a refund. Others, like myself waited it out. The manager on duty finally left the cash register, never offering as much of a drink of water to the waiting customers.

Finally a young lady came up from from the back. I placed my order online at p.

I walked out of Pizza Hut at p. I am frustrated at the lack of professionalism the manager showed and pretty much a lack of concern with the way the flow of business seemed to be going down in flames. What made me even more distraught, is the fact, others that had just placed their orders online, received their food before mine. I simply had 1 large pizza. I have been patronizing this establishment since I was a little girl and am now Worst experience Ever.

A few words about our restaurant

I do not understand how a Pizza Hut can not deliver in the same City they are located in when they have done so for the last 10 years. I live in The Colony and all of a sudden they have decide to cut off part of the city. I am not sure whose decision this was but it is crazy. I was told by the store that it was done in an attempt to cut down on delivery time.

I live 10 min. Odd that other Pizza places still deliver. This was a bad decision by someone that does not care about customer service!!!!!!! I was going to leave a comment and send a picture of how horrible our pizza was and how useless the customer service was and then I read all these reviews.

Obviously it is not worth the time to leave a comment and the statement that Pizza Hut cares about customer opinions is false. I imagine all the CEO s etc, would do something about all the negative reviews. Pizza Hut was terrible!!! Our pizza fell a part when I picked up a slice because it was raw in the middle!!

It was dough!! After, the whole living room smelled sour! I called the store and this boy was rude! He said if they wanted to over cook the pizza and that we were wasting food!! After he said that they could take the pizzas back and give us two new ones and refused to give me my money back! And I was right!! They gave us the same thing!! The pizza delivery man agreed with us! When he gave me the two new pizzas it smelled even more sour than before! The manager Amy was supposed to call me back but she ever called so I kept calling the store and costumer service but they would not pick up or I was put on hold or hung up on!!

And they still would not give me money back!! And this was last night! So I called the top headquarters and now they want to give me my money back after I kept threatening to BBB!! I would like to know who to contact about when the company is considering opening a new location for delivery to my residence after thoroughly enjoying delivery for eight years in my present location in Houston from a store that recently closed.

I suggest you review your procedure for choosing radio spots and have someone with some idea of what is acceptable behaviour in or anytime for that matter make the final decision. It is neither funny nor acceptable. Please consider pulling or replacing this ad asap. Placed an order online. After 45mins 20min later than the stated delivery time I called the general number looking for customer service. I need to look up the store address.

Do that. Finally the phone gets transferred to someone that informs me they are not the store to be delivering to my area and that my order has been given to another store. Never again Pizza Hut. I am now committed to sharing how much your customer service sucks nevermind the decline in quality of product with anyone and everyone that will listen. There was a brand new guy at the register. I said yes at the same time my friend did. Worst service I have seen in a long time.

Is anyone going to get back to me… and your staff looked dirty. Very gpod article!

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We will be linking to this great content on ouur website. Keep up the good writing. I am so disappointed in my Pizza Hut in Weslaco tx.

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I have ordered there quit often but this time really upset me and unfortunately their management team failed to make it right for my family. I placed an order online for three pan pizzas and an order of que papas, I forgot to add a personal size pizza so I called back to add to the order when the gentleman informed us that they were out of pan pizza every time I order pan pizza they are out and we have to settle for hand tossed so I told him that was fine and we would take hand tossed.

We go to pick up our order and the girl at the register tells us if we could give her a few minutes as she answers her personal cell phone and proceeds to talk to what sounds like a friend, then after a few minutes of us standing ther she tends to us, telling us they have run out of que papas.

She says she guesses since there is no que papas she will refund our money for them and hands us our pizzas, no apology, no visit from the manager, nothing. I am in the restaurant industry and I am appalled by the lack of guest relations this company has for their clientele.

"It's not New York-STYLE pizza — it's AUTHENTIC New York pizza.” - Bruno DiFabio

This may fall on deaf ears but my wife and I ate at the Pizza hut in Escanaba, Michigan last evening. We ordered the pizza we usually order and it turned out to be a very big mistake. It seemed like it was a frozen pizza that was not cooked well. The crust has actually upset my system, but I digress.

Pizza, Wings & Ribs in Buffalo Grove | Pizanoz Pizza and Catering

The service was poor and we felt like it was an inconvenience for us to have come in. The middle aged waitress has been at this store for a long time and she made comments that surprised me. When I commented that we could have picked up a frozen pizza and had a better meal she commented that it would have been cheaper as well.

We were left unattended and never saw our waitress again for the rest of our meal. We will probably not return and neither will any of our friends we intend to impart this information on. You use to have a good restaurant but now as many stores in this small town this to will be history. The date of this event was Veterans Day evening and as a Veteran I was out for a meal with my wife.

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