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Every body is different, but equally made to move. What moves you? Functional Manual Therapy at Kinected is wonderful. I wish everyone could have access to this magic! The 1-on-1 PT is specific to your body and helps you learn how to sleep, sit, stand, breathe and function at work properly - it is life changing.

I have a new "total body" awareness and know how to correct and prevent further injury. The whole body approach - reminding you that everything in the body connected - is unlike any other PT you will find. I return to Kinected time and time again because I trust their approach and I trust their clinicians. They are well-educated, generous with their learnings, and passionate about helping me. Travis is no exception and I leave each appointment feeling like I know more about the mechanics of my body and how to achieve my pain management goals.

I would recommend him to my grandmother! My experiences at Kinected have been amazing. Posture, strength, flexibility, alignment, core - I could go on about what the instructors have given me but above all why it's so important to just keep moving! The standards at Kinected are very high and I am constantly impressed by the disciplined and thorough training every staff member receives.

Each session is a personal experience for the client - wholly concentrated on the individual. A diverse range of standing exercises improve flexibility, coordination, and functional strength.

GYROTONIC(R) Guided Hands-On Assistance

The ergonomic, gliding platform allows users to experience running, and jumping in a low impact, horizontal plane, with the spine and pelvis fully supported, making it ideal for post injury exercise. Four independent gliding slides, with optional rotating platforms, provide for challenging strength and coordination sequences.

Schedule a 30 min intro to find out more! The energy channels running throughout the body are thus stimulated, and the overall effect on the mind and body can be profound.


It opens the hips in such a safe and connected way, super beneficial as we get older. I find that the cyclist love this motion of opening the hip joint, it is one of their favorites! This is the only location in all of Rhode Island where it can be found! This machine is very popular with clients that run and cycle often!

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Shoulder and hip issues are a common pain for most of us and with the guidance and fun training on the Gyrotoner the pain lessens or can disappear! Wear lose and comfortable clothing. We have a spacous changing room and please come early to enjoy tea, water and relax and prepare for the session. Information about this work and Katie click here. If you can't make the physical movements a good golf swing requires, you'll never succeed. From David Rasmussen, Golf Professional It will help you increase and strengthen your hip and shoulder turn, improve the rotation of the arms, strengthen your wrists and forearms and improve your cardiovascular fitness.

Simply put, it is finest exercise system out there for golfers.

Movement & Beyond - Gyrotonic & Gyrokinesis in Soho, NYC

It helps people get better faster These exercises strengthen the lumbar spine and abdominal regions, areas of the body which are so vulnerable to injury during golf. Flexibility on its own is not enough either, because a great deal of strength is needed to swing a golf club well It works for golfers of all ages and fitness levels. We have worked with kids as young as 6 and golfers as old as Students are getting their games to a level that they never thought they could achieve.

It can help golfers to correct lifelong flawed movement patterns. It is the perfect compliment for golf. Name required.

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